Many #startups claim to have been born in a garage, but in our case, it’s true. That’s where it all began.
Eight years later, we’ve become a consolidated company with capabilities covering all stages of product creation, from initial conceptual sketches to industrialization, including design, development, prototyping, validation, and homologation.
And we’re eager to keep growing.
That’s why this month, we’re seeking #investment for a first round of #funding of 1.2 million euros.
Our goal is to complete an ambitious internationalization project with the opening of a production and distribution management center for our own product portfolio in Indonesia. We’ve talked about our past and future with Lorena Farràs Pérez from La Vanguardia.
The newspaper dedicated a full page in their economy section to BTWICE on Sunday. We want to show our appreciation for them highlighting our story and future projects.

2023 couldn’t have started with more energy!

You can read the article at the following link:


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